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VoxWav Pro

4.09 usd

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The perfect WIFI microphone for VoxCommando multimedia and home automation speech recognition application.
Features include:- Press and hold to speak button- Tilt to speak option- Run in background and with screen off (works with most devices)- Pop-up display (OSD messages) and buttons for feedback confirmation and choosing alternate phrases- Remembers commonly used phrases which can be used as buttons. These can be sorted by frequency or alphabetically.- High quality audio streaming using uncompressed PCM data means your voice commands will be understood with high accuracy using this virtual wifi mic.- Virtually "instant on" recording and speech processing with VoxCommando.- No internet connection required- Does not upload your voice data to the cloud
Used in combination with VoxCommando for windows, experience the ultimate voice remote, you can control your HTPC and home automation effortlessly using voice commands. Completely customizable, VoxCommando allows you to create macros and custom speech commands to control, XBMC, MediaPortal, MediaMonkey, iTunes, J River Media Center, Skype, and many more programs and devices. With bidirectional communication between VoxCommando and EventGhost many more custom solutions can be realized.